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Sand blast machines

Sand blast cabinets and automated sand blast machines

Blasters, automated sand blasting machines, shot blasting machines and manual blasting cabinets made in Germany for workshops, industrial and repair operations, foundries and plastic operations, research institutes, university laboratories etc.

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Blasting process

A suitable blasting system for every workpiece - individual solutions for our customers:

Whether it's suction blast, pressure blast, shot peening, wet blasting, ice blasting, compressed air or turbine blasting. We support all kinds of sand blasting processes

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Blasting media

Blasting media according to requirement: Metallic, mineral, organic

All abrasives for your sand-blast cabinets or blasting machines based on DIN 11124 ff for polishing, cleaning, roughening, burr removing, tarnishing, shot peening. Blasting media(general)

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  • 60 years of experience in the construction of sandblasting cabinets with more than 5,000 special solutions
  • Robust and reliable sand blast machines for many years of use
  • Tested high-quality sandblasting performance with top quality results

  • Individual support and customized specific solutions
  • 24h service level, worldwide installation
  • More than 10-year availability of spare parts