Injector gravity jet process

Even, shock-free blasting media discharge at low blasting pressure

Blast wheel blasting process

Constant supply of blasting media to the blast wheel

Wet pressure blasting process

Extremely low surface roughness

Blasting process

In the field of production, blasting processes are one of the most important methods for mechanical surface treatment. Due to the very fast and extremely effective procedure, they are ideally suited for industrial production. Blasting processes used in production work with a closed blasting media cycle without environmental pollution. The abrasives and residues used can usually be disposed of without any restrictions.

All AUER blasting systems and blasting cabins can be operated with compressed air, wet or centrifugal blasting processes. The individual technologies differ essentially in the beam power generated per area and the energy carrier medium. The procedures are explained in more detail below.

Injector blasting process

Injector blasting process

Injector applications

Injector hand blasting cabins

Injector blasting machines

Pressure blasting process

Pressure blasting process

Printing applications

Pressure hand blasting cabins

Pressure blasting machine

Wet blasting process

Wet blasting process

Wet applications

Wet hand blasting cabins

Wet blasting machine

Blast wheel blasting process

Blast wheel blasting process

Centrifugal wheel applications

Wheel blast machines





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