Duroplast deburring


Für große Formen


Perfekte Formenreinigung

Application-specific blasting systems

The subdivision of the applications relevant to the blasting process and manufacturing technology is based on the purpose of the blasting, i.e. the primary aim of blasting [cf. <link ot.vdma.org/viewer/-/v2article/render/278038 - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window"> Standard VDMA 24379 </link>]

A distinction is made between the following applications:

• Removal of foreign material [cleaning, fettling, descaling, rust removal, decoating]

• Removal of material material [removal, deburring]

• Change in the surface structure [roughening, matting, finishing (smoothing / polishing)]

• Influence of the material properties [peening / shot peening, reshaping blasting]

In terms of their actual effect, the blasting applications mentioned in the overview can often not be clearly separated from one another. In most processes, the removal of the foreign material also results in a partial removal of the base material. These are described in detail in the following sections

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