AUER injector blasting machine ST 1400 PS

BLASTING CABINwidth2.500 mm
 height2.000 mm
 depth1.500 mm
 weight450 kg
BLASTING SPACEwidth1.400 mm
 height850 mm
 depth1.150 mm
 load capacity200 kg
BLASTING SYSTEMblast gun1 x SPA 80
air nozzle4,0 mm
 blast nozzle11,0 mm
 ------------                                    ------------                                    
CONSUMPTIOMcompressed air (4 bar)0,73 m3/min
 electricity1,0 KW

Front sliding door with safety switch

Stable work grid with 200 kg capacity

Double reach through opening

Look through window

Control cabinet according to VDE 0013

Compact built in dust collector with cartridge filters and dust bagging

Pressure regulator and pressure gauge

Foot switch

Available with a rotating basket for automatic batch processing


Removing paintRemoving rust


Smoothing                                     Matting


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