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AUER beam technology

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AUER beam technology in use

The term blasting technology refers to all the blasting processes and techniques used to change the properties of surfaces using blasting media.

In classic, mechanical blasting technology, the individual blasting grains of the blasting agent used represent the tool that mechanically processes the surface as a result of the impact. With the help of a carrier medium - traditionally mostly compressed air or water - the blasting grains are directed onto the surface in the form of a jet. Depending on the blasting purpose and the required blasting pattern, a wide variety of blasting processes are used to achieve the desired surface finish on the workpiece.

The blasting methods are regularly defined by the three S [3S].

Your personal 3S blasting process

AUER Strahltechnik develops your personal 3S blasting process together with you:

S1 Purpose of blasting [application in surface technology]
S2 abrasive [tool for surface treatment]
S3 blasting system [blasting system for the purpose]

S1 Selection of the blasting process

Together with you, we carry out result-oriented blasting tests on your workpiece in our technical centers in order to determine the best possible blasting result for your application. Benefit from over 70 years of experience in blasting technology.




S2 Selection of the abrasive


The correct selection of a suitable abrasive is decisive for the blasting result and the operating costs. The interplay of the individual beam parameters in the respective application must always be taken into account in order to achieve the best possible beam results with low operating costs. We would be happy to advise you here.

S3 Selection of the blasting machine

Tailor-made system technology has been the guarantee for our success in blasting technology and our customers' trust in AUER blasting technology for years. As a premium supplier, we deliver absolutely reliable, state-of-the-art blasting systems. Your application and operational requirements are taken into account from the very beginning.

Measurement methods and test procedures

We let ourselves be measured by our results. For this purpose, we have a test laboratory with modern measuring equipment and test methods in our Mannheim technical center. Let yourself be convinced of the optimal beam results and be there live during the measurements.



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