N hand blasting cabins

ST 1000 N Shapely hand blasting cabin

N hand blasting cabins

ST 1200 N SB Space-saving hand blasting cabin in a compact design.

N hand blasting cabins

ST 2400 N SB The big wet one

N hand blasting cabins

As a wet hand blasting cabin, the N series is ideally suited for processing tools before and after coating. With our patented wet blasting technology, you can process the most sensitive tools, shapes and parts extremely effectively.

ST 1000 N

Space-saving injector blasting for small parts, tools and molds.


ST 1200 N SB

Lots of blasting space and practical loading with a smooth-running front roller door.

ST 2400 N SB

Wide loading grate for large and bulky workpieces.


N Special equipment and accessories

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Rotary table, manual


Manually rotatable table, smooth-running, for all-round blasting of workpieces

Additional processing hatches

Individually positionable hand openings for the exact accessibility of your beam positions

Cascade separator


Rinsing water generation by means of the AUER cascade separator by separating water and abrasive

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